Quantify Forage Inventory

Measure the highest cost on a Dairy farm so you can manage it

Why Choose Aurox?

All-in-one solution for capturing, measuring, and analyzing farm forage inventory
Drive Over Piles
Ag Bags
Bunker Silos
(3 wall)
Trench Silos
(2 wall)
Commodity Bays
Hay Bales

Built for Nutritionists and Farmers

Using drone and positioning technology, we can measure the volume of forage feed with near exact values. 

The average flight will take only 10 minutes and it is completely automated.

Group 39visualize

Visualize Forage Key Performance Metrics

With one drone flight, we can measure accurate forage inventory.

With two flights, we can measure density, shrink, and forecasts.

With continuous flights, we can identify changes in density, increases of shrink, and errors in feeding.

Group 40collaborate

Collaborate and Plan

The dashboard can be accessible to as many team members as need. Any changes or updates will be immediately available to all farm stakeholders.

Our email alerts system will also notify you when a farm has been flown and when the data will be available to view in the dashboard.

Quick & Easy to Measure

Measure by Drone

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3 Simple Steps


photos with the drone


captured Photos


using the dashboard

Schedule a Flight

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Our U.S. Pilot Locations
Drone flight by a Certified Pilot
Multi-flight discounts
On-demand or monthly flights
Starting at $400
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Intuitive Dashboard
to Plan and Optimize Forage Feed

  • Track total feed forage inventory accurately, efficiently, and safely.
  • Monitor forage usage, shrink, density, and run-out dates.
  • Customize forecasts for feed scenario planning.

Simple measurement
and planning tools

  • 3D tools to measure pile slope and height of silage piles.
  • Estimate pad and bunker capacity to optimize forage harvest storage.
  • Create facility maps with custom labels and measure.
  • Measure manure pit capacity and field acreage.
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Available in
English, Español, and Português Imperial and Metric Units.

Drone Rentals

Drone for 3 days
$500 + shipping
$50 per each additional day
No additional equipment needed.

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We pre-plan the mission for you

Fully Automated

Simply turn on drone and click fly

Accurate, safe, and efficient




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FeedSense Dashboard

Forage Inventory Analytics

XMLID 407 inventory

Accurate silage inventory measurements

Group 10density

Safely measure silage density

3d model 13dmodel

Interactive 3D Model and measurement suite


Accurate silage run-out dates

Group 11shrink

Measure dry matter loss and shrink


Track trends and benchmark KPIs

XMLID 407 inventory

Accurate forage
inventory measurements.

Group 10density

Safely measure
silage density.

3d model 13dmodel

Interactive 3D Model
and measurement suite.

1610 2desktop

Accurate forage
run-out dates.

Group 11shrink

Measure dry matter
loss and shrink.


Track trends and
benchmark KPIs.

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Dairy Drone Flights

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Forage Measured



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