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Dairy Farm Dashboard | Aurox

FeedSense Dashboard

Interactive Visualization for dairy silage Inventory Data.

Farm Management Drone | Aurox

Drone Launchpad

Custom dairy drone programs for farms, nutritionists, and feed companies.

Dairy drone | Aurox

Pilot Connect

Professional drone flight services for dairy farms.

Measure Forage Inventory | Aurox

Accurate inventory measurements. Know how much feed you harvested and how much you have left.

Dairy Farm Technology | Aurox

Measure density using precise data instead of unsafe probes.

Inventory Measuring Drones| Aurox

Interactive 3D Model to virtually assess bunks/piles and feed center.

Ration Balancing | Aurox

Accurate Forecasts to know when you’re going to run out or transition feeds.

Approximate Fermentation Shrink | Aurox

Approximate fermentation shrink and dry matter loss.

Drone Farming | Aurox

Track trends of per-day usage and modify forecasts based on these trends.

Measure Forage Inventory | Aurox

Accurate silage inventory measurements.

Dairy Farm Technology | Aurox

Safely measure silage density.

Inventory Measuring Drones| Aurox

Interactive 3D Model and measurement suite.


Silage Inventory Analytics

Dashboard for silage inventories | Aurox
Ration Balancing | Aurox

Accurate silage run-out dates.

Approximate Fermentation Shrink | Aurox

Measure dry matter loss and shrink.

Drone Farming | Aurox

Track trends and benchmark KPIs.

Why Choose Aurox?

Aurox meshes a unique background of civil engineering, surveying, data analytics, and dairy expertise. We’ve developed an intuitive solution designed for dairy farmers and nutritionists to easily and safely measure important silage inventory metrics.

These measurements are then brought into our proprietary Feed Sense analytics platform to help you make important decisions related to feed management and animal feeding.

We’ve focused this solution on the dairy producers. Easy to use, easy to understand, and built just for you.

Silage Inventory technology | Aurox
Dairy Drones

Dairy Drones

Measure So You Can Manage

Feed is the highest cost on a dairy farm. Traditional methods of measuring silage inventory are inaccurate, time consuming, and dangerous. With our innovative solution using dairy drones, you can have accurate silage measurements.

This allows you to optimize your dairy feed inventory in a way that was previously unachievable. Using the feed insights from this data, you can:

  •  Identify ways to improve feed quality.
  •  Optimize feed inventory and better plan transitions.
  •  Minimize costs and reduce shrink.

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measuring Forage silage feed accurately

Dairy Drone | Aurox

5,000+ Dairy Drone Flights


750,000+ Dairy Cows

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$500M Feed Measured

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Aurox uses dairy drones to accurately measure silage forage feed at dairy farms

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