This is a modern approach to managing farm forage inventories that employs drone technology. The drone collects images of the farm, which are then processed to provide accurate measurements of the available forage. With these measurements, we can also measure the density of the feed, shrink, and create accurate run-out forecasts.

You can use an mobile phone to automate the flight of the drone over the feed and capture images. Then, use our dashboard to upload the images. We then process those images in our software to measure each bunk, pile, or bag. You can then access the forage inventory data in our dashboard.

Using drones can save you time, increase accuracy, and provide a more comprehensive view of your inventory. This can help in forecasting, optimizing forage use, and reducing forage waste.

The measured inventory is available within 5 business days on our dashboard. We can also provide rapid measurements upon request.

Reach out via our contact form and we can get you started.

Nearly all professional or “pro-sumer” drone will work. Some common models are: DJI Mavic series, DJI Phantom series, and Autel Evo series.