Our Mission

To bring new technology and data insights to the Dairy Industry while improving safety and promoting the importance of farming to local communities.

Our Team

The Aurox team meshes together backgrounds in Engineering and Remote Sensing with Agriculture and Data Analysis. We use this unique combination to focus on developing new technologies and applications for the dairy industry. 

Located in Upstate New York, Aurox is centered in a community with a rich history in dairy farming and agriculture. It is important to us that local agriculture communities - like the ones we grew up in - can thrive and continue to pass on farming to future generations.

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The Aurochs

The name Aurox is inspired by the ancient Aurochs. Aurochs were a wild ancestor to modern day cattle. They were fearsome beasts that weighed over a ton and stood over seven feet tall. Known for their fierceness and revered by prehistoric hunters, the Aurochs played a critical role in history. Over many centuries, the Aurochs were eventually domesticated into the various breeds of modern cattle. 

We use the Aurochs as our inspiration because it illustrates the results of uniting agriculture and technology. Through this combination of ag and tech, humans were able to transform a giant, aggressive brute into one of the most productive livestock that feeds millions every day.

Aurochs Cave Painting, Lascaux Caves