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A new business is providing dairy farmers with valuable data using drones.

Adam Durrin and Sam Steinberg are co-founders of Aurox.

“His background is in drones and aviation and civil engineering and mine in dairy farming,” said Steinberg.

The newly-launched business, based in Saratoga Springs, uses drones to help dairy farmers measure and manage feed inventory like hay.

“Their inventory and their feed costs are over 50 percent of total operating costs,” said Durrin.

This week we followed along as they used a drone to take pictures over a farm in Washington County.

The drones takes pictures of feed piles, providing farmers with valuable data on inventory never previously available to them.

“We bring those photos and surveyed ground control points into our software and process that through our software and that gives us their highly precise measurements down to an inch of precision of their feed inventories,” said Durrin.

Measuring by hand can be dangerous. Durrin says their method improves safety.

“Going on top of these piles and trying to measure in a traditional way with tape measurers and measuring wheels is extremely unsafe, people will fall and get injured off the piles every year,” said Durrin.

Right now they serve two clients, both international feed providers. They’ve visited 50 farms to test their technology.

“And ultimately help them improve their profitability based on better data, better technology,” said Steinberg.

They’re uniting tech and agriculture, motivated by a desire to help feed the growing population.

“I think there are few goals and missions more important than that,” Durrin said.”

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